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Make your home more energy efficient

Elite Pest Control & Wildlife Removal does more than just exterminate your pests — we also install cellulose fiberglass that is more energy efficient! It is a green, non-toxic alternative to old insulation. We can remove your old insulation and install the fiberglass for you.


Blown insulation is more effective than traditional insulation since it has a special ability to trap air in and prevent air leakage. This prevents climate-controlled air from leaving your home, which can save you a significant amount of money when it comes to energy bills.


Cellulose is green and meets all environmental standards while keeping out insects and mold. It is also fire-resistant, with its non-toxic borate compounds (20%) and recycled newsprint (80%).

Advantages of choosing blown insulation

Great investment return

When you choose to replace your insulation with blown insulation, although the initial costs can be on the high end of your budget, you'll soon see an investment return. You can save an average of 20% to 40% monthly on your energy bills!


Fire safety and pest protection

We treat the insulation with a retardant that forms a charred surface that reduces the spread of fire when burned. This type of insulation will also control unwanted pests (such as roaches, ants, and silverfish) from your attic permanently.


Year-round comfort

Because blown insulation is so efficient, you'll have a more consistent temperature year-round. This can give a break to your HVAC system. You can also possibly get a rebate from your utility company for adding insulation! Check with your provider.

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