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Shield Ant Inspection Black-Widow-Spider

The Black Widow Spider

The "Black Widow Spider" is found throughout the Southeastern part of the United States. It is One of Atlantas most common insects the Black Widow Spideractually a very shy spider and wants to hide underneath rocks and piles of wood. Most common opportunity for people to get bitten is when they are carrying logs inside for the fireplace. This spider's bite can be painful and the skin can swell up and turn red. They are about an inch in diameter, shiny black with a bright red or orange hourglass shape on its underside! Do not play with these spiders!

german coackroach

German Cockroach

"German Cockroaches" are Atlanta's hardest roach to eliminate. They are small roaches about an German Cockroach in Georgiainch long and have a light brown stripe that is found in the middle of their head, running toward the back. Very commonly found in kitchens and baths...wherever there is a water source. Multiplies very quickly and can get out of hand very fast. The mother German Roach can lay an egg capsule with 32 babies per capsule!


The "Silverfish" is actually, the oldest genetic insect on the earth today...even older than the roach! Silverfish in AtlantaSilverfish in Atlanta GeorgiaThey can live up to three years and can survive on the smallest of nutrients. These silvery, one-half inch long, carrot-shaped insects can be mostly found in upstairs rooms and bathrooms. They can be seen near your ceilings because they like to live in your attic. They feed on paper, cloth and wools and can be found in boxes holding these things. Very hard to gain control in a home.


Paper Wasp

The common "Paper Wasp" will start buzzing around your home as soon as the holly bushes begin blooming in the Spring. As you know, these can sting you and can be painful. The best way to make them mad is to swat at them or spray them with water. Sometimes they can be attracted to you because of the perfume or cologne that you wear. By late Spring, they have begun making their paper nest which can get over one foot in diameter.


Devil Scorpion

The "Devil Scorpion" is about two inches long and is dark brownish red in color. Very common in Devil Scorpion in Georgiathe area. Likes to live inside the walls and prefers to climb to higher rooms in a home. We have found over 60 scorpions in some homes. Most seen in upstairs bathrooms near bath vanities. Does have a stinger and can use it repeatedly. The sting feels like a mild bee sting. Outside, watch out for woodpiles and rocks. Very hard to kill. They can remain perfectly still for hours...do not touch with hand!

southern devil scorpion

Argentine Ant

Argentine Ant in Georgia"Argentine Ants" are the number One pest problem in the Atlanta area. This small ant was imported from Argentina to California and then to Georgia. The Argentine ant has adapted itself to become the perfect "sub-divisional ant." Makes it nest next to the concrete foundations of homes in order to stay warm and survive and thrive in the winter. Does not have a stinger and will not bite. Works in unity with other Argentine Ant colonies often totaling into the tens of thousands. Most often seen ant inside your home... making large trails.    


"Millipedes" appear during the months of late May till the end of September. They are about an inchOne of Atlantas top insects the Millipede long and the thickness of pencil lead. They are often called, "Inch Worms." They will not bite you but after a night-time rain, they can, by the thousands, literally climb up to the top story of homes. There, they can enter through closed windows and into rooms. Homes which are light in color will attract them the most. Hardest pest to keep out of your home. They have very hard bodies which make them very hard to kill.

milliped Ant